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Bill Parks

Attorney at Law

I made the decision to become an attorney as a Junior in High School in 1975.

I made the decision to become an attorney as I saw first hand what limited or no access to legal aid could do to a poor person. I believed then and now that if I could become an attorney I could always make sure I made myself available to answer legal questions and talk to people so as to provide what comfort I could even if they could not or did not hire me.

I come from a very poor family in fact when I was born my father was a sharecrop farmer in Missouri.

"I'm here to help you move forward in the process to reach your preferred outcome."

I believe the client comes first not the money. I believe the job must be completed as much as possible even at the risk of not getting paid.

I believe every person's problems are huge to them even if most would not agree.

I believe all people deserve representation to the best of my ability even if they are guilty as charged or civilly in the wrong.

I paid for my own education through work and student loans and while I went through many hard times I remained focused on becoming an attorney. I would work half the year to earn money for one semester of school. I even joined the Army at age 30 to get the GI bill aid and to serve my country as many of my family had and are doing.

I entered law school without an undergraduate degree (a rare event) and I overcame many other obstacles but in the end, I obtained a BSL (Bachelor of Science in Law) from National University and I used the first year of law school to get that.

I graduated from law school in 1995 and I have been in the same location since 1998.

Bar Admissions

  • California


  • J.D. — Western State University College of Law & Thomas Jefferson School of Law

  • B.S.L. — National University